About us

kathmandu pest control

We are a company having invested substantial time and money in researching the Kathmandu valleys pest menace that spreads unhygienic living conditions leading to health hazards, damages to valuable property. Non-availability of pest control service has been seen as the biggest concern in Kathmandu Nepal.

Subsequently, we are the professional  pest control company in Nepal, hence we are competent enough to undertake any form of pest control assignments in Nepal. It has been imparted to us that pests cannot be totally eradicated nevertheless, effectively suppressed by a time bound pest control methods.

We have introduced the concept of advance and innovative pest control service in Nepal using the latest and most effective equipment, providing Training in waste management to help keep the menace at bay.

Services We provides are:

  •  GPMS ( General pest control service).
  • Rodent Control (treatment of rats n mouse)
  • Bed bugs  Control ( bed bugs spray)
  • 100% effective Termites treatment with money back.
  • Flee n sliverfish problem
  • Mosquito Control
  • Termites  Control
  • All kind of pest problems please remember us

contact us : +977-9851210566 , 9818679752 and 9849194481

Email- orangeballpestcontrol@gmail.com




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